May 23rd - 29th 2020

Self- love is a journey which takes much dedication and practice. Making it a priority to love yourself each and every day will truly allow you to watch your best life unfold. 

When we are truly aligned with our loving self, we will be able to genuinely give and receive real love. This is because, when we love ourself, we know that we can give unconditionally without becoming resentful or tired and we can receive unconditionally because we know we truly deserve it.

Self-love is the prerequisite for an abundant life.

During our retreat you will practice Self love in direct contact with Nature and you will be clearing and opening your Chakras through daily meditations, mantras, chanting, healing, grounding techniques done in direct contact with nature, self awareness  empowering workshops.

Our sacred space is also about the three “Rs”: Restore – Reenergise – Reconnect and a place where you will discover your truest, most natural and authentic Self! 

Our retreat program has been thoughtfully planned to provide our guests with inspiring and soulful experiences, cultural activities, naturalistic excursions and creative workshops.We call them Beyond Experiences.

We have carefully designed a delicious, nutritious and organic based Menu to support and nurture your Self-love process.

The Spa is a place of regeneration at Beyond Retreats where guests can indulge in holistic treatments, use the indoor Jacuzzi and enjoy a bath in our stone bath-tub filled with pink Himalayan salt that helps release negative energies, clear your body, relax your muscle and Rejeuvanate.

We will be hosting the retreat at the breathtaking hillside farmhouse near the ancient and mystic town of Volterra. You will feel like stepping into a film set and we can not wait to share this experience with you!


Our Farmhouse is a centuries old place, fully restored overlooking the Tuscany hills.

The marvellous panorama of the lusciously cultivated pastures and the particularly unique morphological scoured cliffs called the “Balze” is a visual experience not to be missed, especially during the sunset.


At this particular time of the day, the reflection of the sun bounces off the cliffs creating a spectacular show of colours. The perfect place where our guests can relax, connect with nature and practise Self-Love.

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Our team is invested in your success and wellbeing.                          

Every day, here at Beyond Retreats, is a day filled with exciting activities and experiences.                                                    

A wellness retreat is much more than a week of relaxing, meditating and eating healthy, it is mostly about learning to continue living a happy, healthy and abundant lifestyle so we will equip you with the motivation and willingness to succeed.