Volterra is one of the most beautiful hilltop towns in Tuscany.

A town for the history geeks and the Italian charm lovers, it is included on the List of UNESCO World Heritage Sites.

It is difficult to describe the atmosphere of the landscape that surrounds it and its Etruscan past. It is no coincidence that some scenes of the film saga 'Twilight' were filmed in Volterra!

In this area of Tuscany, you will find, in fact, the true wonders of nature known as the Cliffs of Volterra. These are huge chasms created from landslides of sandstone layers (during the Pliocene era!) superimposed on clay, in which the water was able to produce gullies in the ground. The erosive power of water created a quite extraordinary territory and that deserves attention and some pictures to treasure. After arriving from the road you will have no doubt about what to see in Volterra and be happy to be travelling in this area of Tuscany.

The hills around Volterra are surrounded by the valleys of the Era and Cecina rivers. Geographically, the city belongs to the province of Pisa and is located near the coast and not far from another interesting destination: Livorno. 
If you are travelling in a season less suited to diving and beaches, from here you can travel around and explore the Chianti region, as well as beautiful towns like San Giminiano and Monteriggioni.

Volterra has a rich historical and cultural heritage. It was one of the 12 important cities of the Etruscan League – once powerful civilisation that disappeared for good after it was defeated by the Roman Empire.

Traces of the Etruscan period can still be found everywhere in the town – from the old city walls to the Etruscan tombs and the Guarnacci Museum.

You can now walk alongside the ancient wall and enjoy amazing views to the landscape of Tuscany. There are 7 city gates and the oldest preserved one is Porta all’Arco. It was part of the defensive structure of the Etruscan, built as early as the 4th century BC.


Another majestic site is the Acropolis that houses several buildings and the foundations of two ancient temples. There are still many Roman remains to visit as well, like the Roman Theatre, dating back to the end of the first century AC, built in a natural amphitheatre style. You can clearly see the different types of stones used for the construction of the gate.

With all it's natural beauty, architectural and historical sites, the modern theatre, Restaurants and bars, Volterra is certainly a place not to be missed!





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